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Brown-Banded Cockroach Habitat

Origin & Distribution

Brown-banded cockroaches are thought to first been reported in Florida with shipments of fruit that came from Cuba. Over the years, the distribution of this cockroach species spread up and across the country into both the northern and southern states.

Brown-banded cockroaches are domestic cockroaches and generally are found indoors occupying the warmest parts of homes and buildings. They also are less likely to be found in restaurants and kitchens than German cockroaches.

Common Habitats

When encountered in homes and commercial buildings, these cockroaches generally are found in dry interior locations where the temperature is around 80° F and located near the ceiling and away from sources of water. Common locations include:

  • Upper portions of cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms

  • Hot water tank closets, light switch plates

  • Furniture and electronics, desk and cabinet drawers, beneath tables and chairs, behind the upper parts of door frames

  • Behind pictures and wallpaper where they sometimes feed on wallpaper paste

  • In bedrooms where they are not the only cockroach that could be found there.

Managing Infestations

Brown-banded cockroaches are usually nocturnal, but may sometimes be seen during the day if the population is well established and large. Males may sometimes be seen flying around lights or might fly if disturbed.

Should a homeowner observe flying roaches indoors, they could be wood roaches so be sure to either inspect the critters or request your pest management professional (PMP) to provide an inspection and correct identification.

The combination of having a broad diet and their preference for dry areas can sometimes make the management of brown-banded cockroaches problematic and challenging.


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