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German Cockroach Nymphs

From Egg to Nymph

Female German cockroaches create egg pouches known as oothecae. These oothecae remain attached to the female's abdomen until they are nearly ready to hatch.

German cockroach nymphs resemble adults. However, nymphs are much smaller, do not have wings and are incapable of procreating. As they grow, nymphs shed their exoskeletons several times.

These nymphal stages span approximately 100 days. After the final molt, German cockroach nymphs are fully developed, winged adults equipped with reproductive capabilities.

German Cockroach Illustration

German Cockroach Illustration

White German Cockroach Nymphs

German cockroach nymphs are similar to the adults of their species. Often mistaken for albino cockroaches, newly molted individuals are white in color. However, the white cuticles covering their bodies gradually darken and harden. German cockroach nymphs may consume their cast-off skins as food. Eventually the nymphs will be dark brown or black in color and characterized by a single, light stripe that runs the length of the back.

Hiding in Small Spaces

German cockroaches are primarily active at night and hide in crevices during the day. Because of their size, German cockroach nymphs are able to hide in places that are inaccessible to larger cockroaches. Under optimal conditions and at room temperature, German cockroach nymphs can complete development within 100 to 200 days.


German cockroach nymphs also emit collective pheromones through their feces. This increases aggregation within their populations. As the population grows, the smell of the pheromone can become noticeable. This musty smell is a sign of infestation.


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