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Pale-Bordered Field Cockroach Facts & Information

Protect your home or business from pale-bordered field cockroaches by learning techniques for identification and control.

Pale-Bordered Field Cockroach Illustration
Pseudomops septentrionalis
1.5 inch
Brightly colored
Orange band on antennae
Reddish head shield & face
Yellow markings


How do I get rid of pale-bordered field cockroaches?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Pale-Bordered Field Cockroaches


  • Size: They are about 1/2 inch long.

  • Color: The pale-bordered field cockroach is brightly colored with a reddish head shield (pronotum) and yellow markings around the border of the pronotum and the wings. Their antennae have an orange band at the tip, and their face is also reddish colored.


Pale-bordered field cockroaches feed on low-growing plant sap and flowers.


These cockroaches normally live outdoors and are not considered to be a serious indoor pest. Pale-bordered field cockroaches occur in open or wooded areas and are often seen resting on foliage at night. This species is not attracted to lights. Their normal habitat is low-growing plants and heavy ground cover such as:

  • Ivy

  • Landscaping Mulch

  • Piles of Wood

Geographic Range

There is field research evidence that suggests the pale-bordered field cockroach was introduced to the United States through banana shipments, likely from their native locations in Mexico and Costa Rica. The general area of distribution is Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and into Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of pale-bordered field cockroaches includes three developmental stages:

  1. Eggs

  2. Nymphs

  3. Adults

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