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What Do Earwigs Eat?

Due to the size of the forceps, it might appear that earwigs capture some large insects such as large cockroaches. The pincers or forceps are very well-developed and appear to be lethal weapons for hunting. They might even appear to be dangerous weapons when dealing with human intruders.

It is a misconception that earwigs are dangerous to humans. The forceps, particularly developed in males, are used as a defense mechanism, aid in reproduction and, in some cases, might help hunt prey.

Most species of earwigs feed on decaying vegetation, such as composting leaves and other decaying plant items found under wet leaves or mulch. Earwigs prefer dark and wet areas. These earwigs also like to live and lay their eggs in these areas.

Several species of earwigs are predators, preying on smaller insects and arthropods. These are less common than the earwigs that eat vegetation.

There are also species of earwigs which will attack plants, especially seedlings. These tender shoots are good food for earwigs. The earwig damage can be seen on some crop and garden plants, and the damage can injure the plant to the point of making it unproductive.


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