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Dog Flea Facts & Information

Protect your home or business from dog fleas by learning techniques for identification and control.

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Ctenocephalides canis


How do I get rid of dog fleas?

What You Can Do

As with any flea species, hosts and surrounding areas need to be treated in order to effectively eradicate a dog flea population. A veterinarian can discuss safe and effective treatment methods for your pet, but contact your local pest control expert to discuss science-based solutions and extermination options for your home.

What Orkin Does

Your local Orkin Pro is trained to help manage dog fleas and similar pests. Since every building or home is different, your Orkin Pro will design a unique flea treatment program for your situation.

Orkin can provide the right solution to keep dog fleas in their place…out of your home, or business.

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Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Dog Fleas


Dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) are common pests in Europe, Africa and Asia, and are lesser known in North America. They are extremely similar in appearance and behavior to cat fleas, and the two are often times confused. The differences between them are best distinguished through microscopic study. In North America, fleas known as cat fleas affect both cats and dogs.


Fleas extract and consume the blood of host animals in order to survive. Neither cat nor dog fleas leave the host voluntarily and will typically remain with one host throughout their lifespan. However, if dog fleas are forcibly removed from their host, they will locate a new host or return to the original host if possible.

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