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Why Do Gnats Fly in Your Face?



Are Gnats Obsessed with Faces?

Gnats are as small as specks of dust and deviously target mouths, eyes, and ears. Remarkably agile, they elude waving hands and always seem to come back to annoy again. Why do gnats fly in your face? It turns out that many things these insects are drawn to can be found on the human head.

Breath, Sweat & Tears

A gnat is always searching for moisture and salt, which are found in sweat and tears. Unfortunately, the pests are vectors for pink eye. They are also drawn to the smell of bad breath and to the carbon dioxide people expel when exhaling.

Shampoo and Perfume

Gnats are fond of certain pleasant smells as well. These include sweet and fruity scents like those used in many shampoos, lotions, and perfumes.

Preventive Measures

Choosing unscented hair and skin-care products and foregoing fragrance can help reduce gnat conflicts. However, the only way to be sure the persistent insects stay away is to contact the pest control experts at Orkin.


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