Other Types of Flies

There are approximately 120,000 species of flies that have been described by science. The actual number of species in the world is likely to be much larger. Species of flies are grouped into genera and families. Within a family and genus the species may share similar habits and lifestyles such blood feeding or breeding in filth.

Depending on the species, either females or both sexes of biting flies feed on blood. Biting fly mouth parts also differ based on feeding strategies. A mosquito uses its needlelike proboscis to suck blood, while larger horse flies use slicing appendages to tear flesh. Biting flies often are most active in warm, humid daytime hours and lay their eggs in decaying organic material such as mulch or even in or near bodies of water.

While filth flies do not feed on blood, they are extremely unsanitary, feeding and laying their eggs in trash, feces or decaying material. Filth flies are known carriers of over 100 diseases, including cholera and anthrax. Common house flies, drain flies, blow flies and phorid flies are common filth flies, although many other species of filth flies exist. Sanitation is necessary in combating filth fly populations.

Fruit flies are an example of a small type of fly. They favor fruits and other sugary, organic substances as feeding and breeding sites. Consumption of infested fruits and vegetables can lead to severe intestinal discomfort.

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