Rat in My Kitchen

Rat On Kitchen Counter

Because rats are scavenging rodents, they are often drawn to residential and commercial kitchens. Rats are carriers of many diseases. They present serious health concerns in human dwellings, particularly in food preparation areas.

The smallest particles of food can provide sustenance to scavenging rodents. Disposing swiftly and efficiently of all food waste may help to prevent a kitchen rat infestation. Rats are also capable of chewing through wood and other unyielding surfaces. They are known to wreak havoc on pantries and cupboards full of soft plastic or cardboard containers. It is therefore advisable to store unspoiled food in glass and metal containers.

Norway Rat Crawling Near Oven

Identifying and eliminating potential points of entry can also be effective. Rats tend to enter homes through holes they chew in walls and floorboards, as well as through existing gaps and crevices. The holes surrounding oven gas pipes prove easy access points to rodents, as do those surrounding plumbing beneath sinks. Be sure to examine the spaces between floorboards, as well. After identifying these holes, they should be filled with cement.

In the event of an infestation, contact your local pest control professional. These experts are trained to determine and implement the safest, most efficient extermination methods.


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