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What to Do When You Find a Dead Rat

If you suspect that a dead rat is present within your home, it is best to locate the body. Rubber gloves are advised, as are old clothes that can be thrown away after handling the carcass. Properly fitted HEPA masks are recommended for protection against air-borne bacteria, viruses or allergens.

It will probably be helpful to contact your local pest control professional. It is important to properly identify the invading species prior to control. Identification of species may also help in assessing risk of disease.

Prior to the arrival of the pest control professional, the area may be aired out to dispel unpleasant odors. After that, deodorizers and air fresheners can be used in areas surrounding the rat.

If the rat is not removed it may take weeks for the body to completely decompose and no longer smell. The time is dependent on size of rodent, temperature and humidity. Smaller rats, warmer temperatures and higher humidity result in faster rat decomposition.


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