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Seasons of Pest Protection

While a year has four seasons for people, we believe there are six seasons for pests.

Seasons of Pest Protection Wheel. Swarm Season. Breeding Season. High Season. Prep Season. Invader Season. Shelter Season.

When is the best time of year for pest control?

Pests are present all year long no matter the weather, season or area you live. The best time of year for pest control is all year long to help keep them at bay and prevent future infestations. We approach pest control based on pests’ habits – what pests are doing and where they are going during each time of the year.

Additionally, we used Climate Zones defined by the US Department of Energy as a foundation to identify 9 distinct pest zones in the US that all have unique pest control needs.

Each Orkin Pro visit features special activities and treatments to ensure that your home is protected from pest behaviors specific to both the pest season and the zone. Get peace of mind today and call Orkin for a free inspection of your home.

When are bugs most active?

When are bugs most active?

Swarm Season

The weather is warming up, and pests are starting to look for new areas to nest. We’ll take steps to keep them at bay.

Breeding Season

Summer is around the corner, and pests are finding their mate. Our service will protect your home from growing pest populations.

High Season

Just like you, pests will be out enjoying the nice weather. We’ll take extra precautions to protect your home from the most troublesome summer pests.

Prep Season

Pest activity will slow down as the weather cools. So, we’ll take advantage of this time to prepare your home for their winter invasion.

Invader Season

It’s cold outside, and pests are seeking relief indoors. We’ll make sure the warm, dark places around your home are protected.

Shelter Season

It may seem like they aren’t around, but pests are just hiding out until winter passes. We’ll make sure that hideout isn’t your home.

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