Can Mice Climb Trees?

Do Mice Live in Trees?

In general, mice in the wild prefer to stay low to the ground, where brush and other debris give them ample shelter from danger. However, some species of deer mice will live in abandoned bird or squirrel nests found in trees. Mice can also take up residence inside hollow portions of trees.

Can Mice Climb Trees Well?

Mice are nimble, able to quickly maneuver around all sorts of obstacles. When climbing, they struggle with smooth surfaces, but rough structures allow them to move effortlessly. Bark has the perfect texture to help mice climb trees with ease.

Using their agility and small size, mice can fit in holes smaller than a dime. They often gain access to a home by climbing nearby trees. Branches that overhang a house offer rodents a chance to leap to the rooftop, giving them easy entry into attics.

Mice Removal

Keeping tree branches trimmed helps to prevent mice from climbing on the roof. Sealing exterior holes may also be effective in keeping rodents out. Homeowners with mouse trouble can contact Orkin. This team of pest experts has the proper training to quickly and effectively remove an infestation as well as answer further questions about mice in roofs or trees.