Do Mice Live in the Desert?

Mouse Habitats

Mice are adaptable and live in a variety of climates. Habitat usually depends on the species. While some mice prefer open grasslands near water, others thrive in attics or barns. Some rodents, like the pocket mouse, live in the low scrub brush desert habitats.

How Do Mice Live in the Desert?

Pocket mice have adapted to the lack of water and different foods in arid regions. A nocturnal lifestyle helps them to avoid the harsh desert heat. These mice spend the day in cool, underground burrows and feed at night. Their sand-colored fur matches their environment, allowing them to blend in and avoid predators.

Problems with Mice

Mice in the desert pose the same issues as rodents elsewhere. Urban and industrial development in these areas mean that more of the pests end up in houses looking for food or an escape from the heat. Once inside, mice contaminate food, chew on wires, and gnaw through wood.

Getting Rid of Mice in Desert Climates

Homeowners can keep pocket mice out of homes by sealing small cracks and holes in foundations. Cleaning up crumbs and storing dry foods in glass containers removes food sources for these rodents. Contact the team at Orkin for help with mouse infestations in homes located in desert areas.