Gold Scorpions

The gold or tan color is a common characteristic among most adult scorpions. A particular gold colored scorpion worthy of note is the death stalker scorpion (Genus Leiurus), which has very potent venom.

This scorpion is not to be confused with the yellow scorpion Tityus serrulatus, which is considered very poisonous as well.

There are several species in the Genus Leiurus. They typically are found in the Middle East and Northern Africa. It has been observed that they are prevalent in desert habitats and similar warm habitats, but they can also thrive in dry forests and are a burrowing species. Death stalker scorpions can dig a shallow burrow or take refuge under objects.

Death stalker scorpions are known to be defensive and are extremely venomous which can be fatal for victims that aren't in the best of health. The poison of death stalker scorpions can quickly cause symptoms, including an elevated heart rate, convulsions, fever, blood pressure and coma. Severe reactions can also result in increased fluid secretion in the lungs and bronchioles. Death can occur as a result of heart or respiratory failure.