Lesser Brown Scorpions

Lesser brown scorpions (Isometrus maculates) can be classified as one of the members of the class Scorpionida, phylum Arthropoda. They are found in tropical areas, particularly Hawaii.

They typically live between three to five years. Like most other scorpions, they go through courtship rituals. Their young are born alive, since females do not lay eggs. Immature scorpions stay on their mother's back until their first molt.

The lesser brown scorpion is nocturnal and feeds on creatures such as spiders, millipedes or even small rodents

They have long tails ending in a stinger. The pedipalps (pincers) look like crab claws, and its small jaws are used for extracting from its prey. It also has four pairs of clawed legs.

The stinger at the tip of the tail is attached to a bulbous organ which produces venom. The venom is used primarily as a way to subdue prey or as a defense from predators. Human symptoms including pain and swelling. If you are stung, please contact a doctor for medical assistance.