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Termite Renewal Program

Program Overview:

Are termites still bugging you? Good news! If you renew your termite service in the next 30
days, we'll honor your last termite service renewal rate, potentially saving you up to 75%. Come back today and take back your home.


  1. Who is eligible for this offer?

    • Former Orkin residential termite control service customers who have had liquid or bait station termite treatment within the past 8-10 years are eligible for this limited time renewal offer.

  2. Who is not eligible for this offer?

    • This offer is not eligible for residential properties that have had more than one re-treatment from Orkin in the past five years or have had previous termite damage claims with Orkin. This offer is not eligible for current customers.

  3. What CONDITIONS do I have to meet in order to be eligible for this renewal offer?

    1. You must have had liquid or bait treatment from Orkin in the past 8 -10 years.

    2. When our inspector comes to visit, you must have a clean graph report—this means there cannot currently be any active termites.

    3. You cannot have had more than one re-treatment for active termites from Orkin in the past 5 years.

    4. You cannot have made any previous termite claims with Orkin.

    5. You cannot have any new structures on the property from your original inspection graph. If you have added a new deck for example, you would have to sign up as a new customer not a renewal.

    6. If you previously had a Repair Guarantee, you are eligible for renewal with a Re-Treat Guarantee instead.

  4. I previously had an Orkin Repair Guarantee. How does that affect my renewal?

    • You can still renew your termite service with Orkin, however, the renewal agreement for your termite service will be a Re-Treat Guarantee instead of a Repair Guarantee.

  5. What if another company has treated my home for termites since Orkin’s last service?

    • That’s alright. We would love to have you back as an Orkin customer if you meet the program requirements.

  6. Are there any additional fees to restart my service?

    • No. If you meet the program requirements, Orkin will use the original inspection graph and treatment plan that was agreed to when termite service began. You will just be responsible for the annual renewal cost.

  7. Does service cover all species of termites?

    • Yes, this preventive service protects against all types of termites that can be treated with our liquid or bait services.

  8. Who can I reach out to if my question wasn’t answered here?

    • We are happy to answer any of your questions.

If your answer is not found on this page, please contact us at877-825-6341

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