Fire Ant Identification: What Does a Fire Ant Look Like?

Fire Ant Identification: Description and Pictures of Fire Ants

Fire ants can be identified by their dull red body coloration, which ranges from reddish brown to reddish black. Fire ants also have a stinger. Read more about anatomy here. The bite and the sting that these ants deliver give them their name.

large illustration of a fire ant What a Fire Ant Looks Like

Fire ants build visible soil mounds often in sunny areas. Their mounds can be as large as 18 cm tall and 61 cm wide, and can be dome-shaped. Fire ants are least active during the hottest hours of the day. They also avoid darkness and shade, and are more likely to appear in open fields and lawns than in forests. If mounds remain undisturbed and the colony rapidly multiplies, fire ants may send additional queens to begin new mounds nearby.

These aggressive insects feed primarily on living insects and dead animals. Upon infiltrating a home, however, they are drawn to fats and sweet foods.

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