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Why is it so hard to kill black fleas?

Question: I have black fleas in my house. I have tried sprays, foggers and everything else. Nothing seems to work. Why is it so hard to control these fleas?

Answer: Without any specimen handy, it would be extremely difficult to diagnose what insect or pest you could have around your home.

If in fact they are fleas, flea treatments are not an easy job. While you may control some adults with "bombs" or foggers, there may be some larvae left in the carpets and cracks and crevices. Additionally, any pets need to be treated. Even if you do not have pets, fleas can still be a problem.

Humans and pets can bring fleas in from the yard outside, so yard treatments may have to be done. Lawns should be kept trimmed low.

Inside, vacuuming is the best way to get rid of eggs, larva, and adults. It is imperative that you discard the bag immediately. Concentrate on areas where pets, if you have them, like to lie around. Speaking of pets, take them to your vet to get a flea treatment. After the initial treatment from the vet, continue with topical or oral flea treatments on a scheduled basis.

Another issue is that you may have wildlife, rodents, feral cats, etc. coming into areas of your home. This may include raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife that prefer living in attic spaces. If this is the case, you must prevent their entry into your home through an exclusion program or trapping methods. Even an animal that died in your home can be a problem, as fleas will jump off and look for a live source of food.

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