What bug has an orange stripe and long nose?

Question: I found a bug in my bedroom. It looks sort of like a tick. It has six legs and out of the middle tip of the head it has one appendage about 1/16" long with 2 antennae. The bug is about 1/4" long by 1/8" wide. The color is grayish/black with a thin orange stripe toward the back end.

My bug has a more rounded body, kind of egg-shaped like a tick. The orange stripe is at the end of the bug and only about 1/64" and goes from left to right. Also, there is a long, round nose coming out the head with the antennae coming out the right and left side of the nose.

Answer: Without a specimen, making an accurate diagnosis would be hard. From the sounds of your description this could be a weevil. The large weevils (beetles with a long nose or snout), such as the strawberry root weevil, are sometimes found indoors. These beetles live outdoors and feed on plant leaves, but they can come indoors when populations become large and they start to move around. They can find openings around doors and windows to get in. While they pose no threat to humans, pets or home furnishings, they can be a threat to plants. When infestations are severe, plant damage is likely to occur.

The most common species are strawberry root weevils (even though you don't have strawberries), black vine weevil and the Asiatic oak weevil (which actually does feed on a variety of trees). The most common hosts for these weevils include azalea, holly, privet, rhododendron, yew, and other ornamentals.

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