Buying a home with roaches

Question: My husband I are currently looking for a home. We looked at one last night that we really liked; however, we saw two Raid cans in different rooms, all cabinets were open in the house, and we saw a few dead bugs which I think were roaches. The house was "flipped" and is totally redone on the inside and out now. Should we be concerned? If a professional comes out to spray, will the roaches come back?

Answer: If it has been vacant for a while, the cockroach infestation may be gone, but to be certain, it might help to consult with a professional Pest Specialist who can conduct a thorough inspection of the home and determine whether there may still be a problem. Your local Orkin Branch Office can set up a comprehensive inspection with a highly trained and well-equipped Pest Specialist. The Specialist will be able to check cracks and crevices and flush out any remaining cockroaches. After assessing if there is any infestation, the Orkin Man will develop a comprehensive plan to either treat an infestation or conduct preventive control of the home.

Among all the treatments that may be available to our highly trained Orkin Pest Specialists will be the use of:

  • Cockroach baits

  • Crack and crevice treatments with liquids and aerosols

  • Insect growth regulators

  • Flushing agents and vacuum cleaners to quickly reduce the population

  • Monitoring devices to assess the population and treatment effectiveness

Remember, cockroaches reproduce rapidly. The longer you wait to call, the worse the problem will get. Call Orkin now.

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