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Causes of a bed bug infestation

Question: Hello. I have a question for you about bed bugs (or bugs that look like bed bugs, such as bat bugs for example). I found what looked like a bed bug on my bedroom ceiling, approximately four feet away from my bed. I killed it, and it did have some blood-like fluid in it. Please note that I have never been bitten. After I found this bug, I checked my bed, headboard, linens, etc. ... and found nothing (no fecal matter, blood, bugs, casings). I vacuumed my room thoroughly, checked the canister, and found nothing. I have not seen another bug since and continue to have no bites.

You should also know that I recently stayed at a hotel and bought secondhand furniture, but I did check my bag (which was placed on a table in the hotel room and not on the floor), as well as the furniture, and found nothing. About three years ago, I had found the same bugs in my room (they came out of nowhere, and I had not traveled at all). I had gotten a few bites, but had only found about three bugs over the course of a few months. After that, they just went away or disappeared. To my knowledge, bed bugs don't just disappear, which is what makes me think that they may be bat bugs or bird bugs. Help!

Answer: Well, you have covered everything, including the part about the furniture and the hotel stay. I am thinking that what you found may have come from the furniture and/or the luggage in the hotel. This is could be a single event, and the house may not be ''infested''... but you should keep checking.

Your best course of action is to get a highly trained and certified bed bug specialist to inspect your home. Orkin has such specialists. I would recommend that you call us and request that the Orkin Pest Specialist who has a bed bug certification come to your home and conduct an assessment of the situation. If needed, the Certified Orkin Bed Bug Specialist will develop a customized solution to a bed bug problem that best fits your needs.

Included in the visit you will find that the Certified Bed Bug Specialist will:

  • Inspect the infested room and rooms adjacent

  • Take apart beds and inspect and treat what can be treated, according to the latest products used for bed bug control

  • Treat behind outlets, switch covers, etc.

  • Recommend other treatments, such as heat treatments, when necessary

  • Recommend the use of bed bug mattress covers as needed

  • Conduct follow-up visits as needed

Bed bug control is a program that is best left to a professional, due to its complexity. Most do-it-yourself folks will eventually call a professional Pest Control expert. Call Orkin now.

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