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What is the cost to get rid of wasps?

Question: What is the range of cost to get rid of a wasp nest near a window air conditioner on the 2nd story of a house?

Answer: There is no straightforward formula which can be used to determine the cost to get rid of wasps. The type of wasp, location, danger to people and size of the infestation all play into determining the cost. Removing stinging insects requires special care, so specialized equipment and tools are necessary.

Though you mention your home has two stories and the nest is located near an air conditioning unit, only an inspection by a technician will allow Orkin to give you an accurate cost to remove the wasp nest. The inspection allows a technician to identify the species, the severity of the infestation and the other factors listed above to develop a customized treatment plan. All of these factors contribute to calculating the cost. Also, aggressiveness and size of hidden nests can vary, also affecting price.

The reason that effective management of flying, stinging insect infestations is dependent upon correct pest identification is that people easily confuse wasps with bees and vice versa. One of the main differences between wasps and bees is that wasps can sting multiple times, whereas bees cannot sting repeatedly. Wasps also can be aggressive or docile. Only female wasps sting, and many will sting repeatedly if they are aggressive which can be life-threatening to those who are allergic to stings. One percent of the population is highly allergic to flying, stinging pests and will require immediate medical treatment if stung. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology notes that stinging insects send 500,000 people to hospitals each year. Remember to always consult a physician if someone shows signs of strong allergic reaction to an insect sting.

Call us and schedule an inspection by a highly trained Orkin pest specialist. After assessing your situation, your Orkin Pro will develop a customized solution, based on science, for your issue with the wasps.

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