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Does Orkin deal with digger wasps (cicada killers)?

Question: Does Orkin deal with digger wasps? Not sure that is what I have, but they have burrowed in the ground, and they do fly. They look like large wasps.

Answer: Probably what you have seen is a cicada killer. The scientific name is Sphecius speciosus. These are large solitary wasps, indeed one of the largest you are likely to see. They can look very threatening, but in general, they are not. They are dedicated to making a nest, provisioning it with food and laying an egg on that food.

The wasps prey on the annual cicada, so they have to be large enough to handle these big insects! The wasp typically grabs a cicada from the branches of a tree, stings the cicada to immobilize it and then carries it back to the hole it has made in the soil.

The cicada is pushed inside the hole, and the female wasp lays an egg on top of it. The egg hatches in a few days and the immature wasp feeds on the cicada. When full grown the wasp spins a cocoon and will not emerge from the ground until next summer. This is a big and threatening wasp, but they are not very aggressive.

Depending on your state, control of these wasps would be considered under a Lawn and Ornamental rather than a Structural Pest Control license. Contact your local Orkin Pest Control Branch Office to get more details on servicing for this insect.

The local Orkin branch can answer any questions about the service process. Please contact them directly for more information or to schedule service.

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