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Flea spray didn't work

Question: I sprayed my home and left for vacation. Why did I find more fleas upon return?

Answer: Fleas go through four developmental stages – eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Only the adult stage feeds on blood. When you sprayed, you probably controlled only the adult fleas, not the flea larvae or pupae. While you were gone, the non-blood feeding immature flea larvae and/or pupae developed into adults that needed to take a blood meal. Without a suitable host to feed on, they became very hungry and went after you upon your return.

This is a very common scenario when flea control efforts do not effectively target all flea stages. For this and other reasons, it is best to seek the advice and assistance of your local Orkin Pro. Orkin’s procedures for flea control includes techniques directed at all four stages of the insect. Your Orkin Pro will inspect your home and create a customized pest management plan based in science to help protect your home.

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