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How do I locate a wasp nest?

Question: Hi - I seem to have a place where yellow jackets are getting into my house, but I'm not really sure I know from where. I think I know the area, but I there are no visible holes that I can see. I suspect there is a nest in this wall somewhere. Thanks.

Answer: These are very aggressive wasps. They will sting repeatedly and are very dangerous. If they are getting into your home it is time to do something before someone gets hurt.

Yellow jackets are predators of other insects and arthropods. They are also attracted to sweets such as juice and soda. This is the reason you often find them flying around garbage cans and recycling bins. In your case, the issue is locating the way they are entering the home. This may even require a trip to the roof to inspect around roof vents and chimney flashing. Inspecting around soffit vents and looking for loose or gaps in your home's fascia and even gaps in the siding will be needed.

Yellow Jacket Illustration

While the home repairs are the homeowner's responsibility, your Orkin Pest Specialist can assist you in locating these openings and make recommendations on the best ways to exclude the yellow jackets. Your local Orkin Branch may be able to provide exclusion services, so ask when you call.

Once the insects are dead, it is very important to remove the nest. Nests in walls and attics can be an issue since they will attract scavengers coming to feed on what is left in the nest, making your problem worse.

Call your local Orkin Branch Office.

A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the problem. The Orkin Pest Specialist will also look for entry points where the yellow jackets may be getting in. Once the assessment is complete, the Orkin Pest Specialist will develop a customized, scientifically proven treatment plan.

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