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I have roaches in my apartment

Question: I have roaches in my apartment. The complex had a company come out and spray on the 9th of this month. How long will it take for me not to see them anymore? How long before they should come and spray again? I still see them on a daily basis.

Answer: The best control strategy for the control of household cockroaches is to use baits, either the plastic bait stations or the gel formulation that comes in a plastic syringe. This type of control strategy is not quite fast-acting, but is much more effective than aerosol sprays and liquid treatments. I certainly hope the company your complex is using uses baiting programs for their treatments. If applied correctly, it will still take a few weeks to see results. If it is not working, maybe you can speak with the complex property managers and ask them to call the local Orkin Branch Office and request an inspection by a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist.

The treatment prescribed by the Orkin Pest Specialist can include the use of:

  • Cockroach baits

  • Insect growth regulators

  • Repellent and nonrepellent insecticides in cracks and crevices

  • Dusts in voids

  • Monitor cards to verify the effectiveness of the treatments

  • Recommendations on improving sanitation to eliminate sources of food, water and shelter for the cockroaches

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Question: I recently moved into an apartment. The first night in the apartment I noticed that there could be a roach problem. I have had the apartment sprayed by the exterminator provided by the management. They spray some type of liquid in the kitchen and bathroom. I have seen no noticeable change. I do keep a clean apartment. I spray and keep the counter clean, do not keep any food out in the kitchen, vacuum often. I have purchased powders and sprays and tried my best to seal every noticeable crack. Is it possible to have a apartment treated? I know the problem possibly could be coming from neighbors but I am not used to a home with roaches. What could be done?

Question: We have these bugs that resemble roaches but they don't really bother much of the food. They would sometimes get into the dry foods (pastas, cereals, breads) but rarely anymore. They are seen most frequently around the sink and our water areas. They get in our dishwasher and cabinets. We've tried roach motels and many different sprays and it decreases the amount of them but NEVER gets rid of them. They have become a huge problem. Can you give me some idea as to what they are? As I said, they look like roaches but are smaller and slimmer. They are a smoky brown.

Question: My landlord had been spraying for roaches inside and outside, but it does not seem to help. I actually see more! And it's getting worse. They are getting in my fridge and cereal. What is it that she is doing wrong?

Question: I have a MAJOR roach infestation that I cannot seem to get under control. I have tried sprays, bait, boric acid, etc. Nothing seems to work. I have a daughter that has severe asthma, and I was told that the roaches might be triggering her asthma. I need to get rid of the roaches now, not six months from now, as all the other pest control companies have told me, can you help? Can I have my house tented and sprayed? Fumigation is not necessary.

Question: I live in a apartment complex and Orkin comes and sprays once a month. I was just wondering when they spray if the spray is effective towards roaches. I haven't seen signs of any, nor have I seen one at all. I just would like to know if the spray helps that too. Being in a complex makes me worry about all those things.

Answer: Yes, the insecticide being applied is effective against most crawling insects, including cockroaches.

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