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Wasp problem in old two story building

Question: We have a really bad wasp problem in an old two story building. The wasps are really active in the attic and outside the building with numerous wasps finding their way to the inside. There are also numerous different kinds. There are a few small nests to be found but you really can’t tell where the vast majority are coming from or going to. They are constantly swarming and very active. What can possibly be done to solve this problem?

Answer: A single colony of wasps does not continue from year to year. Workers and the original queen die with the onset of winter. Queens for the next year are formed in the colony at the end of the season (August and September). With the onset of winter these new queens seek a place to spend the winter, and they often more under shingles, in chimneys, wall voids, and attics.

Use caution when you look for the nest, especially in the daytime. Most wasps are very defensive. The are usually active during the day, so wasp control is best done in the evening or early morning. Many professionals wear protective clothing when they begin a wasp control program.

Depending on the location of the nest, a dust or liquid insecticide can be applied to the nest. After the application, it may take some time for all the workers to be killed, so it will probably be best to stay away from the nest for a while. After the workers are dead (or have flown away), the nest should be removed and destroyed.

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