Does Orkin exterminate for moles?

Question: Do you exterminate for moles? I have tried practically every product possible and the moles are still wrecking my lawn.

ANSWER: Yes, Orkin provides mole control. Read more about controlling moles.

True moles (Family Talpidae) comprise several species of underground dwelling mammals. They are responsible for most of the complaints from homeowners, golf courses, parks and other owners of landscaped yards and gardens. Moles are not rodents. They are actually insectivores and are closely related to shrews. The mole’s primary diet consists of earthworms, grubs, ants and other arthropods and animals found in the soil. They may also eat seeds and vegetable matter but do not eat bulbs or roots.

Moles have two types of runways (tunnels). They have subsurface runways that they use for feeding just below the soil. These are the ones seen as ridges through the lawns. They also have deeper (3 to 12 inches below the surface) main runways.

Trapping with spike traps is in reality the most reliable control method for moles. It must be done carefully and with great attention to detail. Well-placed traps can often yield good results within a day. There are baits that can be used also. Your Orkin Pest Specialist can assess the situation and customize a solution, based on science, to resolve the problems in a way that best meets your needs.

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