Do you have pet-friendly pest control?

Question: Are your methods safe for household pets?

Question: We were told by the original person who came to see what service we need that we would have to be out of the house a minimum of four hours, that our cats had to be out too, and that our fish probably wouldn’t make it. I just wanted to make sure that what he said is true.

ANSWER: You do NOT have to be out of the house, the pets need only be kept from treated surfaces until they (the surfaces) are dry … and cover the fish tanks/bowls.

Pesticides for household insects are designed to be applied at low concentrations, usually less than 1 percent. These concentrations are high enough to be effective in killing small insects, but pose no threat to people or pets.

Generally, the droplet size of household application equipment is large enough so that the material does not remain in the air for very long and there is little opportunity for exposure through breathing. Treated surfaces usually dry quickly, so there is little chance for exposure from them. The residue that remains on the surface will be toxic to insects, but presents no threat to people. It usually does not last very long, but long enough for the target insects to contact it and die. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a website that may be helpful. The web address to the site is:

The best strategy to keep pets safe is to keep them off any treated surface until it is dry, and this may take 1-2 hours. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will perform the service in the safest manner possible and follow all the label directions regarding the application of the materials. These services, which are backed by science, have been custom developed to meet your needs.

If you have questions ask the Orkin Pest Specialist at the time of the service. If you are not satisfied, contact your local Orkin Branch Office and ask to speak with a member of the management team.

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  • Question: I have carpenter ants and I’m afraid to use any pest control services because I have an exotic bird, 3 cats and many lizards and other reptiles. Do you offer pet-friendly control options?

  • Question: Will the poison put down for mice harm my cat if the cat gets hold of the mouse once it is dead?

    ANSWER: It is possible, but unlikely, that the cat could be harmed. Cats do not usually eat dead mice. Also, the amount of bait eaten and then metabolized by the body of the mouse is small and generally isn’t enough to threaten a cat that eats the mouse. If you suspect your cat has eaten a poisoned mouse, make sure to seek the advice of a veterinarian who can weigh in on the cat’s health.

  • Question: I recently adopted a five-month-old kitten. Are the chemicals you use safe for them? Also, what precautions should we take before the house is treated for pests?

    ANSWER: Treatment for any pests in the house will not threaten the safety of the kitten.

  • Question: When you spray homes, do I have to get my pets out of the house?

    ANSWER: You don’t have to, but it can be helpful.


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