Termites are back after spraying

Question: Hi. I had my house sprayed two years ago after a termite infestation. They were gone the next “season” but now they’re back. I know I have a serious problem, but my question is…when I see a few in my house, they’re swarming. But how long do swarms last before I can relax and at least not have to worry about seeing them flying around in my house? Do swarms last 3 days, a week, 2 weeks? I’d love to know. This gives me the creeps! Thanks You! What is the duration of a termite swarm?

Answer: There may be some confusion here….but houses are not ‘sprayed’ for termites, the ground around the perimeter is treated. This provides control for 10+ years. I don’t know what was done at your house, but if you are having swarms every year or so, then the problem is not solved and the termites are still there and still damaging the house. It doesn’t matter how long swarms last, what matters is that the problem has not be controlled (spraying will not control termites) and it needs to be before any further damage is done.


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