What kind of training do Orkin technicians go through?

Question: What kind of training do Orkin technicians go through?

ANSWER: Orkin’s pest and termite specialists are the best trained in the industry. The Orkin Training Center is one of the industry’s only hands-on training facilities in the country. The Training Center includes a fully functional house and a termite pavilion which provides Orkin experts with real-life pest, rodent and termite control experience. The Rollins Global Network is one-of-a-kind terrestrial television network that links to our 8,000 employees across the country to provide ongoing training on pest control products and service methods. Orkin Pest Specialists also undergo a program of annual recertification where they are trained in advances to the industry and treatment techniques every year.

Additionally, all Orkin employees undergo rigorous drug screenings and criminal background checks prior to being hired. These screenings are followed by annual motor vehicle report checks and random employee drug testing.

Orkin’s thorough training and screening measures are what set Orkin Pest Control Specialists apart from the average exterminator.


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