I have wasps in my attic.

Question: I have wasps that are either in my siding or in my attic. Both of these are inaccessible places. What solutions can you provide to rid me of them?

ANSWER: It could be wasps, hornets or yellow jackets. These wasps will try to find a place to go harbor this time of the year (fall). If they find an opening, it could be your attic. They are probably queens that will be founding nests the following spring. This may be a sign that there was a nest in the house (maybe in the attic) last year, and these queens are becoming active and will be looking for a place to leave and begin the process of founding new nests.

It is time to look around for openings in your roof, fascia, soffits, eaves, around chimneys and so on.

Because they are a dangerous pest, I would recommend calling the local Orkin Branch Office and asking them to send over a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist. The Orkin Pest Specialist will inspect and develop a customized solution, backed by science, that best meets your needs.


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