Green Cockroaches

Also known as the Cuban cockroach, green cockroaches are a tropical species found extensively in Mexico, Central America, parts of South America and the humid Southeastern United States along the Gulf Coast. The Cuban cockroach is approximately 22 to24 mm in length and relatively slender. Unlike certain other species, green cockroaches have wings and are good flyers.

Green cockroaches feed on sugary organic matter such as fruits and spilled soda. Adults are pale green in color and young insects are dull brown to black. Primarily found outside, this species is nocturnal and may be attracted at night to light from human dwellings.

Cuban cockroaches do not breed inside and typically only enter homes when windows and doors are left open. Fine mesh window screens can help to keep pests outside of your home. However, if you believe your home to be infested by any cockroaches, contact your local pest control professional for an inspection.