Where Do Cockroaches Live?

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Where Do Cockroaches Live in Homes?

A cockroach is a resourceful pest able to survive almost anywhere that food, water, and shelter are available. Because humans have similar needs, it’s no fluke that the pests thrive in houses.

Trash or lawn clippings that collect too close to homes may lure the insects indoors. Because they prefer to be close to food and water, these pests can often and quickly move into kitchens and bathrooms preferring to hide in:

  • Cabinets under sinks
  • Inside or under garbage cans
  • Near food prep areas
  • Porous surfaces like wood and cardboard

Outside, cockroaches are commonly found under decks and places where plumbing and sewer leaks are found as well as in or around:

  • Brush
  • Crawl spaces
  • Dumpsters & Garbage cans
  • Fallen logs
  • Leaf litter
  • Mulch
  • Storage sheds

Where to Check for Cockroaches

To spot an infestation early, search common places where cockroaches live, including:

  • Around food prep areas
  • Inside cabinets under sinks
  • Within or underneath garbage cans
  • In dark, cool spaces like cellars

Cockroach Control

To avoid problems with these pests, sanitation is key. Target areas where cockroaches live, such as under appliances and in cabinets, for regular cleaning. Crumbs and dirty dishes also attract the pests. Limit issues by dealing with messes promptly and sealing pantry goods in airtight jars.

There are many pesticides and baits for cockroaches, but these chemicals may not be safe or effective for inexperienced users. Experts can do a thorough inspection to find the places where cockroaches live and stop them at the source. For easy and reliable removal, contact Orkin.