Wood Cockroaches

Although a number of cockroach species are referred to as wood cockroaches, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are the most common. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches range in size, depending on the sex. Adult males are 22 to 30 mm, and females are 13 to 20 mm in length. Their bodies are dark brown, with lighter brown wings. Female Pennsylvania wood cockroaches have short wings. Males are good fliers, but females do not fly.

Typically, wood cockroaches do not enter human spaces. They live outside in woods for most of the year. However, during May and June, when mating season is at its peak, males will follow a female’s pheromones indoors if she has wandered inside. These roaches may also be transported into homes on bundles of firewood. Wood cockroaches do not prefer to lay their eggs indoors.

To prevent an infestation, inspect all firewood brought into your home. Contact your local pest control professional to discuss extermination options and Orkin’s customized pest control solutions.