House Fly Sounds

The rapid life cycle of the house fly enables quick population growth. One indication a population is present would be the sounds of the flies buzzing. The buzzing sound of the house fly is a result of the beating of its two wings. Many other flies make a buzzing sound when they fly. Depending on the species, these sounds will be a low or high buzz.

However, many insects make similar sounds by rubbing their wings together. Bees and other insects are known to produce a buzzing sound during flight. In most cases, these insects are far larger than the house fly and sight alone will serve to differentiate them. In addition, these larger insects tend to produce louder sounds.

What Does a House Fly Sound Like?

Audi recording:

Sound should not be used as the sole identifier of a pest population. Check pantries and other food storage areas in the home for any further signs of infestation. If persistent buzzing sounds are heard throughout your home, contact your local pest control professional for an inspection and to discuss treatment options.