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Red House Flies

What are the small red bugs flying in my home?

Sometimes fruit flies are colloquially referred to as the red house fly due to their disproportionately large, red eyes. These tiny flies are attracted to decomposing fruit, as well as sugary liquids such as syrup, spilled soda and alcohol.

These flies are irritating pests. After eggs are laid in fermenting fruit and vegetables, larvae emerge and feed on the matter within which they developed.

In order to eliminate these pests, sanitation is critical. Produce should be kept in the refrigerator, and other possible breeding grounds, such as trash bins and drains, should be meticulously cleaned and kept sealed when possible.

What are red house flies attracted to?

These small red bugs flying in your home have a diet that consists mostly of sugary substances and fermenting fruits or vegetables. They can also be found on and around rotting organic matter in a garbage can or circling cans of sweet liquids like juice, beer, and soda. Adult fruit flies can often be seen fluttering around windows and sinks as they’re attracted to moist areas with good lighting.

Commonly found in places like kitchens, trash cans, and bowls of fruit, these tiny flies tend to coexist with decaying organic matter. A red fly habitat also includes moist areas with seldom-used drains or water sources as these locations make for an ideal breeding ground. Red fruit flies are often a year-round issue, especially where sanitation is an issue.

How to Get Rid of Red Flies in House

Red house flies, also known as fruit flies, seem to be an annoyance that appear unexpectedly. While the most effective way to thoroughly get rid of fruit flies is to contact your local pest control professional, here are a few steps you can take to help prevent an infestation:

  • Locate and eliminate breeding sources by removing fermenting or decaying organic matter.

    • Some places to inspect include refrigerators, coolers, floor mats, dirty mops/brooms, standing water, leaking pipes, recycling bins, empty condiment bottles, garbage cans, etc.

  • Make sure to regularly move and clean underneath appliances and mats, especially if they’re commonly wet or dripped on.

    • Check pantry containers or refrigerator drawers where fruits or vegetables are stored to make sure they aren’t leaking juice or rotting.

  • Regularly clean and sterilize debris areas such as garbage cans, dumpsters, refrigerator drawers, as well as garbage disposals, drains, and traps.

  • Buy only the fruits or vegetables that you need to avoid excess from spoiling before use.

  • Make sure to properly clean and dry recyclable containers before placing them in a bin.

To help prevent a red fly infestation, it’s best to combine simple, strategic measures and a custom red fruit fly treatment program. Your Orkin Pro can provide you with the perfect solution to effectively get rid of red house flies.

To learn more about how to control these pesky red house flies and help prevent future infestations, contact your local Orkin branch.

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