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Arizona Mosquito Species
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Mosquitoes have the well-earned reputation as being a nuisance, consuming our blood and injecting saliva during feeding, which causes itching and other reactions. The pests are also known for being transmitters of disease. However, many people are surprised to learn that mosquitoes don't just feed on blood, but also on sweets, such as plant nectar. Only females take a blood meal and must do so to produce eggs.

Lots of people know that mosquitoes have four life stages in their cycle of life: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. However, many are somewhat taken back by the large numbers of mosquitoes in Arizona, especially since the state is generally thought to dry and not very conducive to these pests.

Types of Mosquitoes in AZ

There is something in excess of 40 different species of these insects in the state and most of them are not likely to be a concern for residents. However, there are several local varieties that could transmit serious diseases. The key species of mosquitoes in Arizona are:

  • Western encephalitis mosquito,

    Culex tarsalis

  • Southern house mosquito,

    Culex quinquefasciatus

  • Yellow fever mosquito,

    Aedes aegypti

  • Western malaria mosquito,

    Anopheles hermsi

  • Inland floodwater mosquito,

    Aedes vexans

  • Dark rice field mosquito,

    Psorophora columbiae

  • Asian tiger mosquito,

    Aedes albipictus

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