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What Is A Mosquito?

Close-up picture of mosquito biting human skin

Close-up picture of mosquito biting human skin

What Are Mosquitoes?

A mosquito is an insect that bites and feeds on the blood of humans and other animals. While male mosquitoes only eat nectar, females need blood meals in order to produce viable eggs that will hatch.

These pests are active from dusk until dawn, but many other mosquito species are known as day feeders and are active during the day, especially around the dusk and dawn timeframes. They find their hosts via:

  • Exhaled carbon dioxide

  • Heat

  • Scent


In addition to being a nuisance, some types of these pests are vectors of diseases. Common illnesses caused by infected mosquitoes include encephalitis and West Nile virus.

Are Mosquitoes Parasites?

In biological terms, organisms that live on a host and depend on it to survive are parasites. Even though they feed on their host’s blood, mosquitoes do not live on their hosts as do head lice, for example.

Are Mosquitoes Animals or Insects?

They are both. A mosquito is an insect, which is a part of the animal kingdom. Some consider them to be the most dangerous creature in the world due to the disease infections they transmit to people and wildlife.

How to Deal with a Mosquito Problem

The use of repellents is critical to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses. Although these products reduce the chance of bites, they do not stop the growth of pest populations around houses and lawns. To manage a mosquito infestation, homeowners should consult the trained experts at Orkin and get information about how to manage their habitats and reduce the number of pests on the homeowner’s property.


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