Rats in Phoenix

Phoenix Rat Species

Invasive rodents such as roof rats are attracted to the mild winters and plentiful citrus fruit of Phoenix, AZ. Also called black rats or house rats, they are more active during the day than their cousin the Norway rat and head indoors when temperatures drop at night, allowing them to have a year-round presence in the area. Their name stems from the fact that they like being off the ground, often found in trees and attics. The pests are drawn to citrus fruit because its high water content meets their moisture needs while providing nutritional value.

Roof rats in Phoenix are able to transmit diseases to humans, including rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and typhus, although these rat-transmitted diseases occur infrequently. Once they have accessed a residence, they will eat and contaminate stored food in kitchens and pantries. Their tendency to gnaw on wiring can create fire hazards within structures, and the pests will destroy insulation to use it for nesting material. Roof rats are easily differentiated from other types of domestic rodents by their tails, which are longer than their bodies, hairless, and covered in scales.

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