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Mouse Habitats

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Where Do Mice Live?

Mice turn to homes and outbuildings as a better place of survival than yards, fields or forests. Mouse habitats can vary, but many species prefer to live near people. Man made structures give mice protection from predators as well as access to water and food scraps.

Where Do Mice Live in the House?

Even in ideal outdoor mouse habitats, cold temperatures often drive the pests indoors. Rodents fit into small spaces and enter through tiny gaps in foundations, around doorways and garages. Once inside, mice build nests in hidden areas near food sources. Homeowners may also find them living in attics, wall voids, under cabinets or inside crawl spaces.

Damage Caused by Indoor Mouse Habitats

Homes provide an attractive mouse habitat, which is bad news for the people who live there. In kitchens and pantries, rodents contaminate the surfaces they touch and the food they eat. Mice chew on plastic and packaging to get into stored goods, polluting whatever they find with bacteria, fur, and droppings.

To make matters worse, mouse waste can spread infectious pathogens and causes odors as well as stains. To build the perfect mouse habitat indoors, these rodents rip up insulation to make their nests. They gnaw on wires or wood supports as well, which often results in costly repairs and fire hazards.

Safe Removal

Rodents carry diseases that transfer to humans, and setting up traps where mice live in the house is an exposure risk. Getting rid of established mouse habitats usually requires professional help. The team at Orkin is trained to remove these pests efficiently.


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What attracts mice in your house?

How to Use Mouse Bait Stations

How to Find a Dead Mouse in the House

Field Mice

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