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How to Find a Dead Mouse in the House

House mice may enter indoors for a variety of reasons, including looking for food, water or shelter. When indoors they can die for a host of reasons, from old age to electrocution.

A sign of a dead mouse (hidden or otherwise) is the presence of a strong odor of decay. House mice commonly die behind refrigerators or inside cabinets and walls. Dead mice within walls are not easily accessed. In this case, it is advised that homeowners do their best to mask the scent of the dead mouse, rather than attempt to remove the dead mouse itself.

If significant numbers of blow flies, a large metallic blue or green fly, appear within the home, it may be a sign that a dead mouse is nearby. Following the insects can lead homeowners to dead mice.

When picking up a dead mouse or any mice feces or nest materials, it is advisable to wear protective gloves. Spray disinfectants should be sprayed on the rodent and the areas surrounding the dead rodent before it is moved. Trash bags containing dead rodents, feces and nests should be tied tightly and disposed of immediately.


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