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Vista Pest Pressure

Fair-weather Pests:

Vista, CA, sits close to the Pacific Ocean. This proximity keeps the city breezy and mild for most of the year. Summer temperatures rarely drop below 55 degrees, so the area is the perfect gathering place for fair-weather pests, such as:


Many different species, from Argentine to red imported fire ants, live in and around California houses. Some are after food in the pantry and overwhelm homeowners with their numbers. Other ant species are capable of stinging or biting and cause people a lot of pain. Argentine ants are one the Nation’s most serious ant problem since they have huge ant colonies that often contain millions of ant workers spread out over large areas.


Since Vista sees little annual rainfall, it would be tempting to assume residents never contend with mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the pests still find plenty of standing water for breeding. In addition to buzzing around at dusk and dawn, these insects feed on human blood. Mosquito bites leave behind itchy bumps and transmit diseases.

Indoor Pests

While a few insects cause serious issues, others are more annoying than dangerous. Vista residents often find the following nuisance pests in their homes:

Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bug isn't interested in spreading disease or causing structural damage. Instead, the pests move into California homes and gather in wall voids and attics during their off season. When trying to exit during warmer weather, the pests sometimes emerge indoors. Crushing a stink bug creates a foul smell.


Hot and dry weather, a common event in Vista, drives earwigs indoors. Although they are more harmful to plants than people, the pests do have a disturbing appearance with their prominent pincers. Earwigs bite if they feel threatened and like to gather in and around sinks and showers.

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