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Common Pests in Grand Junction, CO

Exterminate pests in Grand Junction, CO, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents like rats and mice, plus stinging pests like hornets and wasps. Contact Orkin for pest treatment today!
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Information on Pest Control in Grand Junction, CO

If you’re overrun with pests and seeking pest control in Grand Junction, CO, look no further than Orkin. With over 120 years of experience, we know how to elevate home pest control and business pest treatment to an art and evict your unwanted guests. Offering flexible appointment times and next-day service, Orkin exterminators in Grand Junction can help at your earliest convenience. 

Free Termite Inspection in Grand Junction, CO

Did you know that termite damage can cost homeowners an average of $3,000 to repair? With Orkin’s termite treatment in Grand Junction, you can stay ahead of those pesky invaders with a customized treatment plan tailored to your property’s unique layout. With industry-leading technology and years of termite control experience, our Orkin Pros can help stop termites in their tracks. Don’t wait until signs of termite damage are seen — call today to schedule a free termite inspection

Bed Bug Treatment in Grand Junction, Colorado

Do you want to get rid of bed bugs in your Grand Junction, CO home or business? These sneaky pests aren’t just planning on a vacation; they’re moving in and staying as long as possible. Hospital bed bug treatment is of the utmost importance because you can easily be re-infested within just three months if you accidentally miss a single pregnant female bug. They can lay anywhere from one to five eggs every day and can live up to six months!

Bed bugs are very small, so they can easily hide in your furniture, bed frames, mattresses, and bedding making it almost impossible to know you have an infestation. Additionally, bed bugs in hotels love to hop onto luggage, so these troublesome travelers can easily move from one place to another very easily. Don’t let your guests wake up with bed bug bites. Orkin bed bug control is ready to assess the situation, implement the best course of action, perform a follow-up visit, and recommend the next steps to help keep bed bugs at bay.

Does Orkin Provide 24-Hour Pest Control Near Me in Grand Junction, Colorado?

In Grand Junction, we are available to take calls 24-7 for pest control problems. We can help set up an appointment to send out an Orkin exterminator near your Grand Junction, CO home or business as soon as we confirm your pest service needs.

How to Get Rid of Pests in Grand Junction, Colorado

Ants and rodents are also prevalent in the Grand Junction area. In addition to destroying walls and electrical wires, rodents like mice and rats may also carry diseases like Salmonellosis or Leptospirosis. Highly skilled in removing a variety of pests, our Grand Junction exterminators are also trained to help manage other local pests, such as crickets, flies, and silverfish, as well as stinging pests like hornets and wasps, ticks, and spiders. Pests don’t just go away during cold months, they find hard to reach places to hide and grow, see what makes seasonal pest control so important.

Orkin will investigate your home from top to bottom, protect, fortify, and follow up. Experts in pest control for commercial industries like office management, multi-family housing, restaurants, government facilities, and more, Orkin exterminators in Grand Junction, Colorado can handle current infestations and help fend off future invaders. Don’t wait — call Orkin today for your home or business pest control services.

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