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Biting Pests
Summers are rainy and humid in Clearwater, FL. Moisture that accumulates throughout the season allows many biting pests to thrive. The following insects cause issues for residents:

Pools of rainwater in backyards make the perfect place for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Residents should be careful to protect themselves against mosquito bites since the insects can spread illnesses. Common mosquito diseases in Florida include West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis.

Deer Flies
Also blood-drinking pests, deer flies gather in Clearwater neighborhoods to look for meals. These insects tend to feed on livestock, large wildlife, pets, or people, and their bites are painful. Additionally, the deer fly’s large size tends to startle residents.

Tiny biting flies called midges frequent coastal Florida cities like Clearwater. The pests easily infiltrate homes because of their small size. Females need to feed on blood before laying eggs, so they often bite humans and animals. Secondary infection may result from scratching itchy midge bites.

Household Annoyances
Year-round warmth in Clearwater means the city remains humid through all seasons. This climate allows indoor pests drawn to moisture to bother homeowners throughout the year. Some household annoyances include:

All sorts of spider species live in Florida, but those most dangerous to homeowners are the black widow and the brown recluse. Though these pests don’t seek people out, they will bite when they come into close contact and need to defend themselves. Venomous spider bites require medical attention.

Since they prefer dark, dank places, these pests often gather in the bathrooms and basements of Clearwater homes. Centipede bites, though rare, can be painful. Most people dislike the pests for their unpleasant appearance and tendency to dart quickly across floors.

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