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Common Pests in Orlando, FL

Orkin's home pest control technicians can take care of nuisances local to Orlando and FL, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents like rats and mice, plus stinging pests like hornets and wasps.


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Your home is your castle, but when you're inadvertently entertaining less-than-noble house guests, you probably don't feel very regal. Fortunately, Orkin's trained Pros can help with pest control service in Orlando so you can maintain your royal composure. From bugs and rodents to stinging pests and spiders, Orkin has you covered with year-round Orlando home pest control options.

With more than 120 years of experience dealing with unwelcome pests, Orkin uses methods backed by science to provide you with enduring peace of mind. Our trained Pros inspect your home for threats, figure out how they're getting in, and treat accordingly, utilizing customized plans to help prevent infestations down the road.

If you have pest control issues currently or simply wish to work out a prevention plan, contact us for more information.

Whether you reside in Thornton Park, the Milk District, or Lake Eola Park — or any other areas in between or outlying Orlando suburbs — Orkin's trained Pros are there to help with your pest control needs. Before we turn them loose on your home, we extensively train our Pros, so they know exactly what methods to use in almost any situation.

While you might think your infestation is just a minor annoyance, even small insect colonies can do major damage to both your health and your Orlando home. For example, ants not only bite and sting but can also cause structural integrity issues by damaging the wood. Cockroaches sometimes leave food and filth-borne illness in their wake and have the potential to harm those with asthma.

Likewise, stinging pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders can spread illnesses and disease, and rodents can pose potential health threats and damage your home by gnawing through walls and electrical wires. While pests such as silverfish and crickets may not harm your health, they can destroy fabrics and papers and interfere with comfort levels.

To counter this range of pests, our Orlando pest control Pros first thoroughly assess your home, inside and out. In addition to discovering the types of pests you might be inadvertently housing; they also find entry points and develop a customized plan for getting and help keeping these tiny invaders out of your home for good.

If you suspect termites are making a meal of your home, don't delay in calling Orkin for termite control in Orlando. These small bugs have voracious appetites and can cause major damage before you know it. On average, homeowners spend over $3,000 to mitigate termite damage. This makes treating your home before they start noshing a great idea.

Orkin's trained inspectors have a variety of Orlando termite treatment solutions in their arsenal, including Termidor® liquid termite treatments. This treatment option works well for building foundations as it provides immediate protection and aids in preventing infestations in the future.

Dry foam and Orkinfoam termite treatments work well in empty spaces such as between walls, around heating ducts, and under slabs. Additionally, Sentricon® bait and monitoring methods disrupt molting and growth to help stop these hungry bugs in their tracks. No matter the method our inspectors use, you can feel confident thanks to Orkin's 70-plus years of experience in termite control.

Bed bugs prove both hard to see and hard to remove, but Orkin's trained Orlando bed bug control Pros have the knowledge, skills, and treatments to both spot and clear these blood-sucking pests. Because they multiply quickly, you want a pest control service that can help get rid of bed bugs fast, and Orkin fills the bill.

Our trained Pros perform a thorough assessment, and then they enact an Orlando bed bug treatment plan that's right for your home. We keep at it with a watchful eye to ensure the bed bug control plan continues protecting your home and family.

Here at Orkin, we only send top-notch Pros to help keep your Orlando home clear of pests, termites, and bed bugs. We customize treatment and control plans specifically to the needs of your home so you have peace of mind as you go about your daily routines. Contact Orkin to learn more about our pest control solutions, and how we can help.

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