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There's no getting around it; creepy, crawly critters wandering around your home are downright unsettling. Get the help of an experienced Tallahassee pest control company to address troublesome pests immediately. Luckily, Orkin offers industry-leading pest management in Tallahassee, using the most advanced tools and techniques to support our science-based approach.

Orkin technicians receive vigorous education and training to prepare them for all kinds of pests and treatment scenarios in your area. Our Tallahassee pest control service inspectors take the time to identify the species of pests in your home, so we can tailor a plan to help treat your specific needs. We also help fortify your home against further invasions.

Pests in Florida are about as common as sunshine, which is what makes reliable Tallahassee home pest control so critical. From cockroaches and ants to rodents and spiders, the usual suspects (and even the unusual) are no match for Orkin. We understand how pests behave and the threats they pose to a home and family.

Ants and cockroaches in Tallahassee can transmit food-borne illnesses to you and your loved ones, and rats and mice are well-known to harbor dangerous diseases too. And every Floridian knows that the amazing, warm weather creates ideal conditions for mosquitoes, which also can carry life-threatening viruses like Zika and West Nile. Orkin manages these pests and others, including crickets, silverfish, ticks, and stinging pests, by targeting the insect's life cycle to help prevent further population growth.

Termites can devastate your home if they’re allowed to enter and breed. Their silent, yet unrelenting attacks on the wood structures in your home can result in thousands of dollars in damage and create an unsteady framework that supports your house. Fortunately, Orkin offers advanced Tallahassee termite control, and our inspectors know how to identify, track, and help manage these voracious invaders.

A careful, top-to-bottom investigation with advanced tools like infrared thermometers and moisture meters helps our Orkin experts develop a thorough understanding of your termite problem. Our inspectors then report their findings and create a custom treatment plan for your home. Termite technicians use state-of-the-art Tallahassee termite treatments to target the active population, interrupt their molting cycle, and help fortify your property down the road.

Bed bugs feast on you and your loved ones while you sleep. Their bites leave behind red, itchy bumps that can even get infected from too much scratching. If you find these tiny blood-suckers attacking you and your family, you need professionals who can help you get rid of bed bugs in Tallahassee. Our Tallahassee bed bug treatment technicians are trained to handle these ravenous little invaders wherever they're hiding. We provide immediate action paired with advanced Tallahassee bed bug control measures to help solve your problem.

Orkin has over 120 years of experience in the pest control industry, so you can feel confident that our skilled technicians deliver high-caliber pest management in Tallahassee backed by superior expertise. Let us tackle your pest issues and contact Orkin today.

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