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Honolulu Pest Pressure

Wood Damaging Pests:

Humid ocean air and a coastal location make Honolulu, HI, an ideal place for structural pests that prefer water-damaged wood. Insects that cause problems for local homeowners include:


Home to many types termites, Hawaii reports costly damage from these pests each year. Beachfront properties or homes with damaged drainage systems are especially at risk for subterranean and dampwood termite issues. The insects chew tunnels into beams, weakening them from the inside.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are easier to detect than termites, though they can also be harmful to Honolulu homes. The pests drill holes in decks, fence posts, siding, and railings to nest inside. Soft wood varieties or rotting beams are the most likely targets. Carpenter bee females will sting to protect their colonies.

Year-round Pests:

Other insects care more about Honolulu's year-round warm weather and large population. Two such species in the area are:

Fire Ants

These Hawaii ants come in conflict with property owners when they live in trees, potted plants, and electrical boxes. They also do well in sandy soil, making Honolulu yards perfect for their mound-like nests. The pests inflict painful stings and bites when disturbed. Fire ant attacks may even blind pets.

Bed Bugs

Because Honolulu is a popular vacation spot, residents regularly deal with pests, like bed bugs, that travel with people. The tiny insects cling to clothes and luggage and hitchhike into homes in many other ways. Indoors, they breed and cluster on mattresses, box springs, and a host of other places that include gaps, cracks, and crevices inside the home.

Bed bugs generally feed on and bite residents while they sleep. In situations where a bed bug infestation is extremely large, the bugs may be active and seen during the day. Infestations are hard to control once they begin and usually require the efforts of pest management professionals.

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