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Common Pests in South Bend, IN

Exterminate pests in South Bend, IN, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents like rats and mice, plus stinging pests like hornets and wasps. Contact Orkin for pest treatment today!


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Pest Control Information in South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, IN is considered a great place to work and call home, but unwanted pests are the opposite of inviting. From pests that fly, scurry, or crawl, Orkin’s home pest control service and commercial pest control in South Bend can help you address a variety of infestations. Orkin’s professional exterminators in South Bend, Indiana is unmatched in quality and features the latest in technology and science to help you confront all types of unwelcome pests.

Termite Control in South Bend, IN

Termites enjoy feasting away at a building’s wooden structure, potentially causing irreparable damage. Your property is a significant investment, but termites don’t care. Orkin Pros take a multi-faceted approach to termite control that may utilize Sentricon® bait, dry foam, and liquid applications to help manage these invasive insects.

See mud tunnels, bubbles that look like water damage in walls, or discarded shiny wings around the property? You may have termites. Our exterminators in South Bend can help employ top-notch termite treatment to help prevent repeat termite colonization. Don’t wait, call today to schedule a free termite inspection.

South Bend, Indiana Bed Bug Treatment

For bed bug treatment in South Bend, Indiana, you can rely on Orkin’s professional bed bug exterminators. We can help you get rid of bed bugs at home or in a hotel or hospital setting. An Orkin Pro will thoroughly inspect the area, utilize a treatment plan, and help clear the infestation from your property. Our South Bend exterminators are highly trained in bed bug control and can help get the job done quickly and efficiently while helping to safeguard against future outbreaks.

Does Orkin Provide 24-Hour Pest Control Near Me in South Bend, Indiana?

For 24-hour pest control in South Bend, our Orkin customer care team is available to answer your calls. Orkin’s highly trained exterminators are here to help get rid of, manage and prevent pest infestations in your South Bend, Indiana, home or business.

How To Get Rid of Pests in South Bend, IN

We handle a variety of pests — like cockroaches that scurry across countertops or rats that love to chew through walls and insulation. No matter the pest, be it rats, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, ants, or scorpions, Orkin can monitor all year round with seasonal pest control in South Bend to help you win the battle.

For pest and termite control in South Bend, Indiana, Orkin is the name that sends bugs and rodents scurrying for the hills. Orkin is a pest control company that brings over 120 years of experience in residential and business pest treatment and management. Orkin Pros are trained with simulated practice and receive extensive education in pest control for commercial industries like logistics, retail, multi-family housing, restaurants, and more. At Orkin, our exterminators achieve results based on proven scientific research to provide our customers with reliable South Bend pest control services for the home and the workplace.

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