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Details About Termites in Carrollton, Texas 

The Dallas suburb of Carrollton, Texas is full of great restaurants, parks, and history; however, an influx of pests can quickly become an issue. Situated in the Prairies and Lakes region of Texas, Carrollton sets the stage for an ideal place to live — and pests think so, too.  

Whether you’re safeguarding against potential termite colonization or discovering signs of current termite activity, taking immediate action is crucial. A termite infestation can cause extensive property damage as these pesky insects love to feast on moist wood, potentially weakening a building’s structure. That’s why effective Carrollton, TX termite control methods are essential — don’t let an infestation cost you thousands of dollars in damage repair. 

Termites come in a variety of sizes and species, and members of termite colonies look different and have different roles, including: 

  • Workers — who are responsible for gathering food, mainly from cellulose-based structures like most house structures, and maintaining termite nests and mud tubes 

  • Soldiers — who are responsible for defending the colony against any invading species 

  • Winged reproducers — who mate and hatch new termites 

Although reproduction is a slow process, a colony can survive and remain undetected for a long time. That’s why Orkin Pros begin termite treatment in Carrollton by finding the colony and its reproductive members, wherever they may be hiding. 

How to Get Rid of Termites in Carrollton, TX 

Orkin’s science-backed methods for termite control — which may include dry foam treatments, liquid barriers, or Sentricon® bait — can provide the protection you need to keep termites from eating away at your building’s wooden structure. Schedule a free termite inspection today so our expert exterminators can help get rid of any unwelcome guests. We’re here to help you manage termites with reliable Carrollton pest control services for homes and business sectors, such as food service, multi-family housing, retail, logistics, schools, and more. 

How Orkin Can Help with Termite Control in Carrollton, Texas 

With over 90 years in the termite control business and thousands of team members nationwide, we know a thing or two. Orkin Pros are expertly trained in bug biology and know how to find and halt termite infestations. You can count on Orkin for quick, thorough termite control in Carrollton, TX. 

24-Hour Exterminator Near Me in Carrollton, TX 

No more putting off those pesky termite problems; we’ve got you covered. Our 24-7 call line is here to help you tackle even the toughest termite invasion. Don’t wait another day — contact us today so our Carrollton, Texas exterminators can help end your termite woes. 

You can rely on Orkin to help remove a termite infestation in Carrollton, TX while safeguarding your property against future colonization. Let us take care of those pesky insects, so you don’t have to — make an appointment today!

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