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Pest Pressure in Nearby Lakewood

Homes in Lakewood, WA, are prone to pest infestations year-round. A few common nuisances in the area include:


Earwigs sneak into local homes through gaps and window and door cracks, where they may get into potting soil or damp basements. Their fondness for moisture and tight, dark areas leads them into basements but also bathrooms and other damp areas.


Throughout the year, brown-banded, American, and German cockroaches are common in Washington. They take advantage of small cracks near doors and windows, squirming through gaps as narrow as one-eighth inch. Attracted to water and warmth, cockroaches often gather near air conditioning units or in heating ducts.

Some of the common home invaders in Lakewood, the following pests can cause anxiety for local residents:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of once an infestation becomes established. Clothing and furniture from secondhand shops are a primary source of bed bug problems, though the pests may also hitch rides on luggage, briefcases and backpacks.


Lakewood's black widow and yellow sac spiders are common. Spiders are generally considered beneficial, since they eat so many pest insects, but can unnerve homeowners. They can get in through small openings like underneath garage doors and through unscreened windows.

Pest Pressure in Nearby Tacoma

Tacoma, WA, is home to several biting pests that infest homes or spread disease. Two of the most common include:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can spread quickly, traveling on clothes or luggage to infest homes. Signs of their presence include dark fecal stains on bedding, couches, and other resting areas. While they aren't known to transmit disease, bed bugs are stressful to residents and difficult to control.

Wood Ticks

Also know as American dog ticks, these pests are the most widespread variety of tick in Tacoma. Like bed bugs, they are parasites that feed on blood and travel by attaching themselves to people or pets. However, wood ticks can spread a number of diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

Not all stinging or biting pests in Tacoma need to hitchhike into homes to cause issues. A number of flying insects can destroy residents' enjoyment of outdoor activities:


Yellow jackets and paper wasps build new nests each spring, often returning to the same yards. Tree limbs, roof eaves, or attics may harbor paper wasp hives, while yellow jackets typically nest in cavities like animal burrows or walls. Both pests defend their colonies with painful stings.


Frequent flooding in Tacoma is not only dangerous to homes and residents, but also creates the ideal conditions for mosquitoes. These biting insects breed in water below downspouts or in blocked drains. Planting a rain garden can soak up excess water, though pest experts may be needed to curb serious mosquito issues.

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